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The level editor in action.
The level editor in action.

An in-game editor is planned to be released, which will make it possible for the players to design their own campaigns and to share them with other players. Those levels then can be rated, based on quality and accuracy.[1] The feature is currently in beta and is not yet fully functional. The level editor will is planned to be released during Early Acces.[2][3]

Features[edit | edit source]

The level editor will include a series of generic backgrounds, playable grounds, and foregrounds to choose from, plus a very large amount of items, structures, roads, plants, lights, etc, that you can add by simply dragging them into the scene. Players will also be able to alter the look of the level by importing their own background graphics.

Development[edit | edit source]

The level editor has been developed by Danilo[4], who works full time on the feature. The development team is working on creating their own levels with the same editor..

References[edit | edit source]